'It's Just So Good to Talk to Somebody'

When life’s challenges make you say “Enough already,” or even “Too much,” skillful and encouraging psychotherapy can be very helpful.  All of us have these times in our lives.

Feeling alone when difficulties threaten to overwhelm you is your inner invitation to get some support. When just feeling challenged shifts into struggling with anxiety, depression, shame or other overwhelming feelings, skilled psychotherapy is profoundly supportive – and very relieving.

We yearn also to expand the upsides of our lives. But alone, we often feel stuck in effectively reaching toward our greatest potential. By sharing accurate reflection with compassion and skill I support and encourage you in finding and living your best – indeed, your unique – self.


We are born whole, then find ourselves immersed in the tender vulnerability of love relationships with parents, caregivers and siblings. Here, in relationship begins our unfolding of ourselves, of who we are - and our wounding begins too. With this wounding also begins our journey of healing. We gradually over time and with experience heal into the ..

Therapy Works

Does psychotherapy work? Yes. A substantial body of high-quality,peer-reviewed research clearly and ..

What Works in Therapy?

"... It is clients' self-healing capacities which make therapy work." Arthur Bohart

Phone Therapy

I began working with people using the phone about 15 years ago, and after the experience of thousands of ..

Cancer & Illness

Cancer & Illness, Dying & Grief

Experiencing life-threatening illness, surgery, cancer and other confrontations with mortality changes a person. Others who have not been through this experience do not know it as intimately as those who have. Going through it can feel very lonely, for you alone are ill or face surgery and stare directly into your mortality.

‘Cults’ – New Religious Movements

‘Cults’ – New Religious Movements

People enter high demand groups to change themselves. These groups are sometimes known as 'New Religious Movements,' or pejoratively, as 'cults'. Changes in one's consciousness, level of awareness, and point of view can come about through immersion in an intentional culture with its own container inside..

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