When life’s challenges make you say “Enough already,” or even “Too much,” skillful and encouraging psychotherapy can be very helpful. All of us have these times in our lives.

We are born whole, then find ourselves immersed in the tender vulnerability of love relationships with parents, caregivers and siblings. Here, in relationship begins our unfolding of ourselves, of who we are – and our wounding begins too. With this wounding also begins our journey of healing. We gradually over time and with experience heal into the ..

Therapy Works

Does psychotherapy work? Yes. A substantial body of high-quality,peer-reviewed research clearly and definitely points to psychotherapy succeeding in its aims of reducing suffering, improving relationships, and helping people to have lives that work better.

What Works in Therapy?

My approach to psychotherapy is very practical: over 25 years I’ve seen that people have an intrinsic well of healing and resiliency within them. This source of becoming whole is unstoppable in its positive effect when people feel encouraged. The sky is the limit.

Phone Therapy

I began working with people using the phone about 15 years ago, and after the experience of thousands of sessions I am still frequently amazed at the effectiveness of it: phone therapy is absolutely as powerful as face-to-face therapy.

"Thanks Glenn for your loving presence, your wisdom & for co-creating such an amazing journey..........."

I have Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees in psychology as well as other post-graduate training in clinical psychology. My professional life the last 25 years has been working with people as a therapist, coach, teacher and bodyworker.

From this experience, and my personal work of deepening and expansion over four decades comes the aliveness and genuine contact I bring to my work with clients. When you feel listened to in a real way, and feel authentically heard and understood, a healing process begins that is spontaneous and easeful.

Emotional Eating

Ordinary or natural eating means eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied. It means eating enjoyable food that your body thrives on..

Working With Men

Men in our culture die on average five years younger than women – and commit suicide at a rate four times higher.

Cancer & Illness, Dying & Grief

Experiencing life-threatening illness, surgery, cancer and other confrontations with mortality changes a person.


The paradox of spirituality is that it is closer to us than our breath, heartbeat, or thoughts. Yet despite this complete intimacy we search for it. This search is inevitable...

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