Men & Emotional Eating

Healing happens: breaking free of emotional eating is a reality.
Men and Emotional Eating2
Men and women alike tend to think that eating disorders are a female problem. This prevents men struggling with eating disorders from getting help – even from seeing they have a problem. Men in one recent study of restrictive eating found themselves not recognizing an eating disorder even when their behaviors included:

The prevalence of binge eating is similar amongst men and women – but men seek help less, are studied less, and get less treatment than women, largely because masculine ideals negatively conflict with seeking psychological help. Binge eating in men is strongly associated with depression.

Although there is tremendous media attention to women feeling compelled to be physically perfect men are just as much exposed to these standards: pervasive, tinged with the threat of failure – and just as unattainable. Men, just as much as women can eat compulsively to soothe the painful gap between the ideal presented to them in the media – and their actuality.

Men and Emotional Eating1
Men and Emotional Eating3

I have extensive experience working with emotional eating. I taught for a decade at Geneen Roth’s retreats, at which more than 100 people at a time entirely focus on emotional eating.

In my private practice, working with many, many individuals on these issues I have seen the healing effectiveness of a body-centered mindfulness approach. In conjunction with group work, consultation with dietitians who work with emotional eating, and as needed, 12 step approaches multimodal treatment can turn these issues around for men. Healing happens: breaking free of emotional eating is a reality.

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