We are born whole, then find ourselves immersed in the tender vulnerability of love relationships with parents, caregivers and siblings. Here, in relationship begins our unfolding of ourselves, of who we are – and our wounding begins too.

With this wounding also begins our journey of healing. We gradually over time and with experience heal into the intrinsic wholeness we were born with – but now the wholeness is increasingly conscious, wise, and deep.


Psychotherapy is healing relationship, that is to say, a connection with a true other who can reflect this journey: the wounding, the healing – and the path between them.
This path may go by way of depression, or anxiety. At times shame and loneliness make it dark and close to unbearable. Struggles with addiction, eating disorders, stressful circumstances of jobs and marriages, children, siblings and parents: sometimes we are blinded by distress to the fact that this is a path of growing wholeness.

Being reminded by a true other of the light inside the dark is immensely supportive and helpful. When we know we are not alone we find ourselves miraculously accessing resilience and strength from a source that seems to be beyond ourselves, yet turns out to be intrinsically our own.

Wholeness is our birthright, and calls to us from the depths of difficulty. Sometimes, held in healing relationship we can realize afresh that we are whole from the very beginning. This remembrance happens in our very cells, in the core of ourselves. Everything that happens is only this wholeness yearning for us to join it.