Phone Therapy

Phone therapy is absolutely as powerful as face-to-face therapy

I began working with people using the phone about 15 years ago, and after the experience of thousands of sessions I am still frequently amazed at the effectiveness of it: phone therapy is absolutely as powerful as face-to-face therapy. And far more accessible. Research substantiates this conclusion: Click here to see a YouTube video about an American Medical Association study showing that depressed patients were not only helped by phone therapy, but they were more likely to stick with the therapy. 

The research also indicates that phone therapy easily overcomes barriers to getting in-person therapy, such as transportation and availability of services. One of the largest studies of psychotherapy ever done demonstrated that telephone psychotherapy was highly effective, inexpensive, and convenient – you can see a report on that study here.

A very large study of phone psychotherapy for anxiety and depression showed that people treated by phone benefited as much if not more than their counterparts who received in-person therapy. You can see a brief American Psychological Association report on the study here.

Finally, an APA report in 2011 mentioned a number of studies showing high patient satisfaction and positive clinical outcomes when comparing phone therapy with face-to-face care.

My experience of working by phone is very clear: many people find it more comfortable to talk deeply and openly about personal issues, experiences and emotions over the phone than in person. Face-to-face social niceties can readily fall away and we can get to the core of things easily. If the therapist is very experienced in this modality, and intuitive and safe-feeling there is a sense of comfort and privacy that greatly contributes to the effectiveness of the therapy, just as the research says. In terms of convenience, ease and access phone therapy is unrivaled.

You can schedule a session either by phone or in person. I am always glad to have a no-cost phone conversation with you to explore the possibility that we might work together.

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